“Galileus, as a direct channel between centre managers and the Technical Services reduces processing times and the execution of maintenance and services to a minimum, improving the quality of the service for the client and the optimisation of the resources of the Technical Services.”
“The system, by processing all the incident logs that are produced and their execution, permits: the analysis of the historical record, the correct planning of the potential of the Technical Services and the improvement of their efficiency.”

Maintenance Department, Barceló Hotels & Resorts (July 2003)
With Galileus we have increased control over facilities and materials. We have managed to secure a highly reliable historical record of incidents and work carried out. The speed in the management of incidents and their resolution is highly impressive. A comprehensive, fast and efficient system. It has improved the management of the technical department by 100%. The best investment that can be made to optimise Technical Services’ resources.
Head of Technical Services, H10 Marina Barcelona (June 2011)
Galileus is a great work tool for all departments.
Head of Technical Services, H10 Rubicón Palace, Lanzarote (April 2012)
Galileus makes all the hotel participate in the detection of incidents.

Head of SS.TT*., H10 Costa Adeje Palace, Tenerife (May 2013)
The truth is that Galileus, up to this point, has been a huge help, not only in incident management, but also for the easy management of inventories and stocks.

Head of Technical Services, H10 Urquinaona Plaza, Barcelona (October 2013)
Control of failures and facility of response to rectify them.

Head of Technical Services, H10 Punta Negra Resort, Majorca (June 2014)
Galileus presents an improvement in the communication, management and control of incidents. We would like to stress the convenience of having the incident log accompanied by images.

Head of Technical Services, H10 Playa Meloneras Palace, Gran Canaria (September 2014)
From my point of view, Galileus has enabled me to quantify the costs for repairs, stock control and planning tasks from one single platform.

Head of Technical Services, H10 Art Gallery, Barcelona (May 2015)
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