The Energy Management Module with exhaustive control over energy consumption and a comprehensive analysis and reporting results, to optimize the relationship between consumption and its performances and define the most efficient energy strategy.


 Process for planning energy meters in a tree structure with up to four levels for supplier meters and internal meters.
 Configuration of progressive, volumetric, resettable or virtual meters.
 Configuration of up to four types of units and two conversion factors per meter.
 Possibility of adding readings or consumption to other dependent meters.
 Possibility of manual, automatic, accumulative, perceptual readings, or by formula.
 Readings log from your desktop or mobile devices.
 Process of logging energy product replacements in volumetric meters.
 Verification test in the meter reading log:
  Reference to previous reading. Graph of evolution of consumption. Notification of possible error if the resulting daily consumption exceeds the percentage configured on the previous day’s consumption.
 Results of energy consumption and ratios in predefined energy units or in costs.
 Configurable alarms system for deviations in absolute consumption parameters or established ratios.
 Alarms system for stocks below minimum in storable energy products.
 Process of notification by email of alarms for consumption and stock to predetermined recipients.
 Process of invoice reconciliation from energy providers, detecting differences and constant updating of tariffs.
 Reports and statistics over selectionable periods of time with the results of
 consumption and ratios on hotel occupation. Results in predefined or
 priced energy units.
 Statistics over selectionable periods of time in graph format.
 Multi-hotel and multi-annual analytical lists, with results of
 absolute energy consumption and ratios on hotel occupation.


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