With the optimum management of preventative maintenance, both regulated and technical, the frequency and seriousness of the failures in the equipment and facilities is reduced to a minimum. This achieves a significant reduction in direct corrective maintenance costs and negative consequences in the service.


Dynamic planning process for preventative and predictive maintenance with data entry and response for interventions on predefined generic and specific equipment.
 Access to group predefined preventative maintenance via the Galileus Web Server.
 General planning of preventative maintenance management.
 Annual programming for the planning of preventative maintenance.
 Assignment of tasks to in-house and external Technical Services.
 Process of assigning equipment or components to functional groups.
 Process of assigning to lists of equipment grouping or homogeneous tasks.
 Automatic generation of intervention order on established completion date.
 Automatic generation of grouping document in PDF format with tasks to be carried out.
 Transmission by email of notifications of the intervention to external Technical Services.
 Start, pause or completion log of preventative maintenance and predictive data log from your desktop or mobile devices.
 Operating lists of preventative and predictive maintenance pending execution.
 Operating lists of upcoming maintenance tasks.
 Analytical lists of completed preventative maintenance tasks.


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